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Promoting Personal Credit System A + P Project Nationwide

      1.Personal Credit Management System For Whole Bank Data Collection Project

        Implementation time: since July 2007

        Project Description:

        The project is at the stage of implementation.

        Aiming at the demands of operating and managing China Construction Bank’s personal credit operation, personal credit management system for whole bank data collection project is proposed. The project takes the opportunity of data collection, improve related business functions of personal credit management operation, adjust and optimize the related technological platform and systematic structure, to build up a set of improved, secure and efficient personal credit system.


        2.Promoting Personal Credit System A + P Project Nationwide

        Implementation time: Since September 2006 till today

        Project Description:

        started up right away. During the generalization A + P system of this project, each branch made reasonable suggestions for improvement, and carried out corresponding optimization work on the A + P system. Up to now, most branches have been using this system nationwide.


        3.A + P credit system project

        Implementation period: December 2005 - October 2006

        Project Description:

        The project is now completed and successfully delivered.

        Along with the joint-stock reform of China Construction Bank, the demand for the accounting system to reach the international standards has become increasingly urgent. Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank took the lead in using advanced loan system to launch personal loan operation as a pilot branch. Since December 2005 until today, as one of the main partners, Beida Jade Bird company participated in personal loan pilot system and popularization project, is mainly responsible for PLS accounts data transition to the new system and credit system upgrade tasks. The project mainly realizes the interception between the personal credit loan operation system and international advanced loan system ALS (including data sharing and linkage), meanwhile it strengthens the personal comprehensive credit management; the electronic image processing function is added; the setting and management of personal loan approval process are optimized.


        4.Credit asset risk 12 level classification system

        Implementation period: March 2007 - September 2007

        Project Description:

        The system is currently completed and running in pilot branches.

        The system is a working platform as well as an information platform, achieving the information communication, experience exchange and operation cooperation of all levels of credit operation department and risk management department, minimizing the influence of information asymmetry on risk classification and the quality of credit assets. Through electronic approval of credit asset 12 level classification, complete and realize the collection, updating, maintenance, retrieval, analysis and records of the risk classification information, become the main sources of data of the disclosure of credit asset quality information, improve the accuracy and timeliness of whole bank system’s credit assets risk classification and standardization and effectiveness of credit operation work, and thus to improve the work efficiency of the bank’s risk classification ultimately and enhance the bank's risk management.


        5.Housing loan applications scorecard project

        Implementation time: July 2007 - September 2007

        Project Description:

        The system is currently completed and running in pilot branches.

        The project realize: embed personal housing loan application grading module in A + P system to realize grading the applicant clients, simultaneously provide grading result demonstration interface to the reviewer and account managers, count and track the grading results periodically, provide comprehensive individual housing loans application grading tracking report, and realize all relevant reports in the IRB; realize the calculation and output of the application scores automatically when the clients make the application; realize automatic marking and output of the scorecard operation rules involved when the clients make application; achieve the tracking of the client credit conditions automatically.


        6.Personal and Small Business Loan Card Project

        Implementation time: since July 2007 till today

        Project Description:

        The project is being implemented phase.

        This project is the loan card for personal and small business loans clients integrating the existing A + PMIS system, CCBS system and IPSS system, having the functions of personal savings settlement and personal loans and other features. It may also manage all the loan sub-accounts under the same client’s name collectively, provide clients with loan business, debit cards, identity, differentiated services and other functions, to achieve correlation function of personal and small business loan account channels.


        7.Individual Credit Operation Statistical Analysis System

        Implementation time: March 2006 - June 2007

        Project Description:

        All the implementation task of the project has been completed, and the whole bank began to generalize the project. The system takes ALS and the PMIS system as data source, build a central data platform, and provide comprehensive, accurate and solid data foundation, business inquiries, dynamic report generation, multi-dimensional data analysis, in-depth data mining to the personal loan operation. It builds up personal credit information platform to collect, process, analyze, transmit and share the information of the whole bank, realize the hierarchical and centralized management of the whole bank’s data formation and unified gateway management of information accessing. Based on data platform, provide application covering the applications of operation level, management level, and decision-making level, the monitoring, supervision, evaluation and etc of comprehensive reporting system, thus to provide information support for decision-making management, performance management, customer relationship management, loan quality management and etc done by senior management of the whole bank.


        8.Bill Discounting Business System of China Construction Bank

        Implementation Date: August 2004-February 2006

        Project Description:

        This project was completed and put into pilot operation on January 25, 2005, and completed popularization nationwide in February,2006.

        The positioning of the Bill Discounting Operation System is transaction system of bill discounting business, the development objectives are: Based on data collection, realize electronized flow control and transaction management of bill discounting operation, realize centralized and unified risk prevention mechanism within the bank, to provide flexible, timely and comprehensive statistical analysis information to managers and operational staff of all levels, replace current paper-based approval process in bill discounting operation and a great deal of scattered manual information analysis, to improve business efficiency and standardized management, promote the bank’s bill discounting operation changing to “specialized, scale, intensive” administration and management model.

        The operational contents covered by bill discounting system mainly are bill discounting operation, the process control, risk prevention, business inquiries and etc.

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